Northvale Homes

At Northvale Homes we pride ourselves in building quality homes to suit all budgets with attention to detail and quality being the main focus.

We’re not a faceless organisation that aims to build a thousand+ houses at any one time. We carefully select our developments and work with an attention to detail that is rarely seen in today’s new-build industry. We build quality, not quantity.

We Build the House. You Build the Home.

Live Better.

The Balmoral | Northvale Homes

Experience Better Living

We don’t just build houses, we create lifestyles. We pride ourselves on the ideals that our customers not just live in our developments, but create homes for themselves and families.

Our projects vary as much in style as geographical location. We work with the surroundings to create sympathetic developments to more accurately reflect the lifestyles of the area. We never just create off-the-shelf houses that are “all the same.”

We build better houses so you can build better homes.

Live Better.

Experience Better Quality

Our home truth is that we keep developments smaller in order to uphold our focus on the finer details.

We care because we have the time to do so.

Not all houses are made equal. We pride ourselves on creating homes that are above and beyond the expectation of a new-build.

Our care and attention has been the driving force behind all our works to date and allows us to dynamically create the right houses at the right times with the right budgets.

We build better houses so you can build better homes.

Live Better.

Kitchen | Northvale Homes